Hamish Crittenden of Melbourne Made
Electron Workshop Space Host

Co-working spaces are a game changer in that you can pick up a project that pays the bills for a few months and give it a go. Kick starting a company with a colleague is perceived as equal parts risk and opportunity but coming and doing it at The Electron Workshop has given us the chance to take all the upside. The worst that could happen? Getting back on the recruiter-circuit and land back in someone else’s 9 – 5 pipe dream.

I’d read about the Electron Workshop from an article published about an event that took place (as they regularly do) – I think it was a CryptoParty – but I’d never heard of or been to any of these events before. I was intrigued and I thought to myself that it would be an awesome place to work. Having been contracting as a software developer in Melbourne for the last few years and coming off the back of a big open source project I was keen to get entrepreneurial.

Frank and I started working together under our new venture, Melbourne Made, at The Electron Workshop on April fools day – ironic to inaugurate a business on such a date but why not.

The facilities are spot on. It’s warm in the space when its cold outside, cool when it’s not. It’s not crowded or loud – it has all the requisite tools for being the ultimate working environment, as well as the must haves as a start-up space – bean bags, awesome coffee, Foosball and a soundproof break-out room. We’ve had meetings with clients, funding bodies and partners and it’s been a great fit.

Can’t argue about North Melbourne being just the right place for such a incubating space. Understated, well located, hip without being hipster. Great cafes nearby for foods, coffees and impromptu meetings. Come and give it a try. If you’re a developer, get out of the office on a Friday and do a day in the EW.