1. Ensure physical distancing

Requirements: You must ensure workers and visitors are 1.5m apart as much as possible. This can be done by –
  • Displaying signs to show patron limits at the entrance of enclosed areas where limits apply
  • Informing workers to work from home wherever possible 
You may also consider:
  • Minimising the build-up of people waiting to enter and exit the workplace
  • Using floor markings to provide minimum physical distancing guides
  • Reviewing delivery protocols to limit contact between delivery drivers and workers
Electron Workshop Action: Signs posted showing patron limit. Physical Distancing signs posted throughout workplace. Hygiene signs posted in Kitchen and Bathrooms.

Requirements: You must apply density quotient to configure shared work areas and publicly accessible spaces to ensure that –
  • There is no more than one worker per four square meters of enclosed workspace
  • There is no more than one member of the public per four square meters of publicly available space indoors
Electron Workshop Action: Limit set to 10 square metres per patron and signs posted.

Requirements:  You should provide training to workers on physical distancing expectations while working and socialising. This should include –
  • Informing workers to follow current public health directions when carpooling. This can be found at (hyperlink) vic.gov.au
  • Informing workers to work from home wherever possible 
Action: Members are informed that they must work from home wherever possible.

2. Wear a face covering

Requirements:  You must ensure all workers and visitors entering the worksite wear a face covering as per public health advice. This includes –
  • Providing adequate face coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to workers that do not have their own
Electron Workshop Action: Signs posted requiring members & guests to wear masks at all times. Disposable masks provided.

  • You should install screens or barriers in the workspace for additional protection where relevant.
Electron Workshop Action: No screens or barriers required.

  • You should provide training, instruction and guidance on how to correctly fit, use and dispose of PPE.
  • You should inform workers that cloth masks should be washed each day after use. However, if during the day the mask is visibly dirty or wet, the mask needs to be washed immediately.
Electron Workshop Action: No PPE training required. Notices posted advising of good hygiene habits.

3. Practise good hygiene

Requirements: You must frequently and regularly clean and disinfect shared spaces, including high-touch communal items such as doorknobs and telephones.
You should:
  • Clean surfaces with appropriate cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant
  • Replace high-touch communal items with hygienic alternatives, for example single-use or contactless options, where possible to do so
  • Clean between shifts
Electron Workshop Action: Entire workspace subject to disinfecting clean twice weekly.

You should display a cleaning log in shared spaces.

Electron Workshop Action: Cleaning log displayed in Kitchen.

You should make soap and hand sanitiser available for all workers and customers throughout the worksite and encourage regular handwashing. 

Electron Workshop Action: Hand soap and sanitiser provided in kitchen and bathroom.

4. Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell

Requirements: You must support workers to get tested and stay home even if they only have mild symptoms.
Electron Workshop Action: Register kept of any worker with mild symptoms. All members and guests within previous 2 weeks to be advised if any member or guest shows symptoms.

Requirements: Support workers to get tested and stay home even if they only have mild symptoms.
Requirements: You must develop a business contingency plan to manage any outbreaks. This includes –
  • Having a plan to respond to a worker being notified they are a positive case while at work, noting workers who show symptoms or have been in close contact should NOT attend the workplace until they receive their test results
  • Having a plan to identify and notify close contacts in the event of a positive case attending the workplace during their
    infectious period
  • Having a plan in place to clean the worksite (or part) in the event of a positive case
  • Having a plan to contact DHHS and notify the actions taken, provide a copy of the risk assessment conducted and contact details of any close contacts
  • Having a plan to immediately notify WorkSafe Victoria on 13 23 60 if you have identified a person with coronavirus (COVID-19) at your workplace
  • Having a plan in the event that you have been instructed to close by DHHS
  • Having a plan to re-open your workplace once agreed by DHHS and notify workers they can return to work
Electron Workshop Actions:
  • All members and guests to notify the workspace owner, Martin Gleeson 0418 884 569, if they experience symptoms or test positive.
  • All members and guests within the prior two weeks to be notified of any positive case, and advise them to isolate and get tested.
  • Worksafe Victoria to be notified if any member or guest tests positive and notifies Electron Workshop.
  • Advise all members of the workspace closure if the workplace is advised to close by DHHS.
  • Advise all members of the workspace re-opening if the workplace is advised it can re-open by DHHS.

Requirements: You must keep records of all people who enter the workplace for contact tracing.
Electron Workshop Action: Member and guest log will be kept of all people entering Electron Workshop

Requirements: You should implement a screening system that involves temperature checking upon entry into a workplace.
Electron Workshop Action: Temperature screening to be done on all members entering the workplace. (TBA)

5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Requirements: You should reduce the amount of time workers are spending in enclosed spaces. This could include – 
  • Enabling working in outdoor environments 
  • Moving as much activity outside as possible, including serving customers, meetings, tearooms, lunchbreaks and locker rooms
  • Enhancing airflow by opening windows and doors 
  • Optimising fresh air flow in air conditioning systems
Electron Workshop Action: Meeting room to be closed to more than one person at a time until further notice. Kitchen sign to be posted advising no more than 3 people at any one time within the kitchen/bathroom area.

6.  Create workforce bubbles

Requirements: You should keep groups of workers rostered on the same shifts at a single worksite and ensure there is no overlap of workers during shift changes.
Electron Workshop Action: N/A

Requirements: You should maintain records of all workers who have disclosed that they reside with another worker and ensure that there is no cross-over between shifts.
Electron Workshop Action: N/A

Plan completed by: Martin Gleeson

Date reviewed: 1 November 2020