## The Narrative

### The Begining

In 2011, the Bulla Truck Workshop from the 1920s was turned into a modern workspace, by Marty and Nick, the original founders of Electron Workshop.
Over the next 10 years, Electron Workshop have hosted many amazing entrepreneurs, events, meetups, movie screenings, and so many great memories.

### The Pandemic

Like the rest of the world, Electron Workshop was hit by the pandemic and had to decide on the way forward. In April 2021, after 10 years in the North Melbourne warehourse, Electron Workshop decided to leave its body and continue its life in the digital world.

### The Future

We are now in the process of morphing into our new shape so that we can continue serving our community members and supporting partner organisations in empowering the open source tech industry and innovation commons.

In the meantime...

## Keep in touch

### Stay tuned

Electron Workshop is humbled by the amount of support from the community.
If you have just found out about our transision and would like to be in the loop, we will be happy to fill you in weekly with our TinyLetter!

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### Reach out

While we are working in the background, you can say hello at hello [at] electronworkshop.com.au or reach out directly to alexar [at] electronworkshop.com.au

## The Warehouse