The Electron Workshop is a co-working environment for digital workers. The space encourages participation amongst it’s members, while also encouraging a strong and fair work ethic, in order to make the space enjoyable for all. Membership comes along with the following rules and responsibilities:


  • As a shared workspace, you will respect your fellow members by striving to use the space as a quiet and focused work environment.
  • Within the primary work area you will keep work conversations on the phone, or with other co-workers to a fair level. If you are not respecting others by creating undue noise, other members have the right to politely remind you of noise rule #1.
  • Personal conversations or lively conversation should be relegated to the kitchen area, meeting area, or outside.
    Phone ringers are to be turned down.


  • You are expected to keep your desk areas clean, and empty your own rubbish into the larger bins provided (rear alleyway) at the end of each day. Please recycle where possible. Melbourne City Council recycles paper and cardboard, aluminium and steel cans, empty aerosol cans, all hard plastic containers, glass bottles and jars, milk and juice cartons, pizza boxes, aluminium foil and trays, rigid household plastic items like kitchen storage containers and plastic toys. These should go in the large yellow-lidded bin.
  • All dishes should be washed after use, and not left in the sink or kitchen area
  • The stove and other appliances should be cleaned after use. If you do not know how to use a commercial espresso machine, ask someone before trying. Cleaning of the coffee machine is outlined on the machine itself.
  • Toilet and shower facilities should be treated as your own. Or not, if you don’t treat your own with respect.
  • Cleaners will clean the space twice per week. This is limited to washing and vacuuming the floors and light cleaning of the toilet and bathroom. This does not negate your responsibilities for maintaining general cleanliness.


  • Considerable thought has been put into the look, feel and aesthetic of the Electron Workshop. We therefore ask tenants not to bring furniture, as it affects the consistency of the space. Additionally, we ask members not to place artwork on the walls without express permission.


  • No illegal torrenting or piracy.
    Fair use of the network & Internet resources. If you need to download or upload something extremely large, let others know, or do it out of primary office hours.

Electricity, heating & cooling

  • The Electron Workshop pays a premium for 100% carbon-offset electricity. As such, we ask you to only leave devices on which are being actively used.
  • The space will be kept at reasonable temperatures. Please do not overheat, or over-cool the space, as it is a waste of precious energy. No fan heaters or other space heaters are permitted.
  • The washing machine and dryer should not be used for small loads of a few items. If you only need to wash a few items, ask around as others may be in the same situation.