The Electron Workshop [sounding]board is an independent group of thinkers, who help guide the philosophy, future, and practical nature of the Electron Workshop coworking space. Meeting each month, the [sounding]board maps progress, keeps our team or track, and functions as an external source of energy and inspiration. The Electron Workshop [sounding]board performs in a freer, creative and mindful capacity than more traditional corporate board structures.

Luke Grange

Luke is open minded, constantly revisiting brand, customer and communication concepts to improve their timing, application and relevance. He has been helping companies develop and nurture online communities letting them better understand their brand and engage with their online influencers and advocates using Social Media listening reports with great success. For over 15 years, Luke has been offering practical advice to small and large businesses on how to better operate and organise their Business Information Systems. Luke ran the ICT department for a national company at the age of 24 in South Africa. A couple of years later he moved to the UK where he gained invaluable experience in Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management solutions while working for Comshare. He was soon promoted to a position in the company’s head office in the USA where he honed his knowledge of new corporate sales and marketing systems. Luke was asked to move back to the UK and roll out business solutions and Social Customer Relationship Management projects across Europe for what was then the largest Internet Consultancy in the world, marchFIRST. He works with Tomorrow[at]Work to help clients build benefit from open innovation, crowd sourcing and customer engagement through better understanding Online Social Media and knowledge sharing. He has developed a project together with the Swinburne Brain Sciences Institute to understand Online Social Media and Emotional Intelligence skills to bring these concepts together for the first time in a worldwide research project. Luke lives and breathes the freedom of working in collaborative spaces and thrives to offer others the same benefits.

Inge van der Poel

I seek to do meaningful work and to co-create positive futures. I am passionate about people, entrepreneurship, creativity, learning and optimism. The first ten years of my career I was involved in corporate sustainability in Australia and abroad. My focus for the past two years has been researching trends likely to impact the future of work, and consulting organisations in how to best prepare for those emerging trends.. Global connectivity, technology, social media, and demographic and social paradigm shifts are changing the way we think about work, how we work and future workforce skills requirements. I am fascinated by these changes and how we might create organisations where people can fulfil their potential, where we can do meaningful work and achieve outcomes that benefits our futures. I am Director of Huddle spaces and am also working on the establishment of a social business that taps into the latent potential and wisdom of older Australians.