We have our first ‘lunchtime learning’ session this Friday at 1pm! Our women’s grant recipient, Jenny, will be discussing her ‘This is What We Do’ project, which will give her an opportunity to share her ideas, vent her frustrations, and get some feedback from members who have gone before.

I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce a monthly ‘lunchtime learning’ session at the Electron Workshop to give us a chance to share knowledge, brainstorm, and get to know one another and the sorts of projects we are working on. Think of it as an opportunity to pitch and sharpen ideas, discuss our projects and group problem solve.

Marty and I will be setting up a ‘chill out’ space in the back corner of the main room, which, along with the bean bags, will have a couple of couches and a large communal backboard, which we can have a bit of fun with, brainstorming ideas and scribbling on.

We are a community after all, so we should encourage a bit of collaboration and cross-pollination amongst us!! Who knows what sort of awesome ideas could come from this.

– Jeanette (Community Manager)