Newsletter #9

Hello Friends of the Electron Workshop! The sun is out and North Melbourne has never looked better. Our members have been busy at work developing and launching some exciting projects this month, and we are excited to announce our second Women’s Workshop Grant. This weekend Valhalla Social Cinema’s Horror Marathon will take place at Electron Workshop, and to add to the mix, we have a PHA Political Economy of Health conference coming up and a Melbourne Fringe Festival theatre production in October!

Women’s Workshop Grant #2: The Election Workshop is pleased to announce that applications are now being sought for round two of our Women’s Workshop Grant! This grant highlights our commitment to supporting women in technology and the startup community, and aims to enhance women’s reputation in the tech industry and connect women with a wider network of tech organisations. Applications close Monday 30 September 2013. Spread the word!

Learning Tea Break // The Art of Coffee Making: Last week we had Daniel Cardamone of Autosystems sharing his knowledge of and passion for coffee making. Daniel’s family has been in the restaurant business for years and, as a chip off the old block, showed us the secrets to coffee making over delicious biscotti.

International Coworking Day: Coworking might be an unfamiliar concept to many but it’s taking the world by storm. In Australia the number of co-working facilities has grown by over 500 per cent in the past two years to 65! We pulled out the ole coworking manifesto on ICD to learn what it was all about (and celebrated over Happy Hour of course!).

The Birth of Bespoke: From hobby to agency, check out Jason Mun’s blog post on the launch of his latest project, Bespoke.

Serendipity and the Art of Non-Disclosure: Hamish Crittenden of Melbourne Made shares the joys and hurdles of his latest project, Flinders.

Free Co-working Fridays: Coworking at the Electron Workshop on Fridays continues to be free & open to those who have not yet had the opportunity to work in the space. Email jeanette [-at-] electron workshop dot com dot au if you’re interested in visiting for the day. Fridays at Electron Workshop are a great opportunity to come and meet new people.

Upcoming Events

Valhalla Social Cinema HORROR & FANTASY marathon September 7: VSC is back this weekend with cool program of horror & fantasy film. Old Masters vs the New: laughs aplenty balanced by healthy, old-fashioned screams. Last chance for tickets!

PHA Political Economy of Health: The Political Economy of Health Special Interest Group of the Public Health Association of Australia presents a two-day pre-conference workshop at the Electron Workshop on September 14 & 15 on The Global Health Crisis: Understanding the Causes – Exploring Solutions. Learn about the political economy of health, nationally and globally. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

Melbourne Podcasters: Want to get a podcasting project off the ground? Would you like to find collaborators or help someone to start their own podcast? This group aims to provide a place for people to meet and make connections, and learn and share knowledge about podcasts. When? 6pm September 17. Book here.

OpenTechSchool #5: OpenTechSchool is back on September 21. Stay tuned for more info.

FOA Film Night ( FOA is back on September 28. Watch this space.

Melbourne Fringe Festival // The Digital Anniversary: Home Sweet Theater’s The (Digital) Anniversary will take place at the Electron Workshop during the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival. The play is a modern take on Anton Chekhov’s The Anniversary, having adapted this Russian classic to the modern day workplace of the Electron Workshop. More info here.

New Workshop Members: We are excited to welcome aboard our latest member, Luke Lornie, who works as a landscape photographer. Alastair Pharo and Nathan Keatch have also upgraded to permanent memberships this month! Check out our members page for more info.

Join Us! Looking for a fresh and inspiring work environment? We currently have casual and permanent desks available – for more info on how to become a member of our growing community, check out

Check out the action at Electron Workshop on our blog.




Women’s Workshop Grant # 2

The Election Workshop is pleased to announce that applications are now being sought for round two of our Women’s Workshop Grant. This grant highlights our commitment to supporting women in technology and the startup community, and aims to enhance women’s reputation in the tech industry and connect women with a wider network of tech organisations. Grants are intended for women in the initial stages of their project.


The Electron Workshop is offering one recipient a free full-time desk with 24hr access for six months, along with an ongoing 20% discount for nine months thereafter – a great opportunity to experience the unique collaborative environment of the Electron Workshop, and to be amongst like-minded people working in technology. We would like applicants to utilise the space as much as possible and engage with the Electron Workshop community through contributing blog posts. Recipients will have an opportunity to meet and discuss their projects with fellow members during our lunchtime learning sessions. We understand flexibility may be needed, as applicants may need to do other work to finance their project.  The membership may be used with some degree of flexibility to reduce impact of other work commitments.  The grant is valued at $3978.

Applications close Monday 30 September 2013.

Spread the word!

More info.



Daniel working the coffee machine during today’s learning session.

Valhalla Social Cinema ~ Horror/Fantasy Marathon


Early bird pricing for Valhalla Social Cinema’s September 7 horror/fantasy marathon at Electron Workshop ends today (Friday 30 August) at 9pm. Don’t miss out!

It’s free and open coworking Friday today!


Daniel of Autosystems will be leading today’s learning session on the art of coffee making. Coffee and cake at 3pm. Swing by!




Today (Monday, 19th of August 2013) marks a very important day. It is the day that we officially launch our company/agency and our website. After months and months of planning and strategising, we are now ready to go-to-market and start helping businesses with their online marketing activities. Both Martin and myself are extremely stoked and excited of what lies ahead.


Bespoke was actually incubated about 2 years ago as a hobby on the side for Martin and myself. I met Martin 5 years ago while we were both working at Steak. Fresh off-the-boat from the UK, Martin was sent to Melbourne to startup Steak and I was one of his first few hires. With a strong team, we won some pretty big clients and grew the business from strength-to-strength. Couple of years in, we both went our separate ways to pursue other opportunities but remained good mates and kept in touch.

Almost every SEO will have some freelance/moonlighting clients. The same goes for me, I had an opportunity to pitch for a potentially big piece of work. With the finite number of hours (with a full time job) that I could dedicate to the client, I knew I needed help. Martin and I, over a few beers and conversations decided to startup Bespoke and work on the project together.

Why the name Bespoke?

It was a simple decision, we were both sick and tired of the cookie-cutter approach to SEO and content marketing. Having worked with a suite of clients over the years including the Five Channels marketing team, we knew the importance of offering tailor-made solutions. Every business is different, different objectives, different targets and different business maturity stages – so why settle for something off-the-shelf? That’s how the name Bespoke was born.

Our main focus and objective is to deliver good quality, honest and transparent online marketing services. If you are interested to find out more, Yeah Local is a great resource along with this page that outlines what Bespoke stands for.


Growing from a hobby to an agency

Through the power of word of mouth, we have managed to grow from a freelance (work-after-hours) operation to a full service SEO agency. We now have a suite of clients all-around Australia, in different verticals such as e-commerce, finance, home improvement, sports and retail. For every client that we take on, we apply the same principle of being bespoke and treat every project as if it was our own business.

Massive thanks to our clients, agency partners, friends and family – without their support we wouldn’t be able to make Bespoke happen.

Hello from the team


Search Director / Co-Founder


Jason is the co-founder and Search Director of Bespoke. With a strong passion for the art of SEO, he thrives to deliver the best results possible for clients. When he is not making the internet a better place, he races mountain bikes in his spare time.

Find out more about Bespoke here.


~ Serendipity and the Art of Non-Disclosure

Sometimes there’s a fork in the road that you didn’t see until you’ve gone so far in the wrong direction it’s easier to cut across the unknown and risk getting lost than it is to carry on. Many a self-help book has probably spawned from that sentiment, but what I am about to share had its genesis in our latest project, Flinders.

When you’re onto something and you need to move fast, build and get to market with your product there is an overwhelming urge to protect your idea at all costs. This might lead you to start thinking crazy thoughts: “I can’t talk about it in case someone steals my idea!”… “What if someone takes it and goes on to become Mark Zuckerberg’s new neighbour in their own Palo Alto corporate compound?!?!” The reality is probably more like: You can see value in something that nobody else can and the path to success lays more in execution than that idea you’ve attached so much predetermined value to.

Frank and I had a rather serendipitous experience lately that really forced me to think about where that line in the sand exists between disclosure and obfuscation when trying to find the resources you need to develop at speed.

Recently I did something that I rarely do anymore: I took a call from a recruiter. She was looking for an iOS developer for a project she was resourcing and ended up setting up a meeting to discuss the requirements we currently have for building Flinders. Without disclosing what we were up to specifically, we outlined the needs we had and set her to task to find us the right person. Someone to train us up on a set of technologies we felt we needed to utilise to underpin the product.


Being tight-lipped about the idea meant asserting which technologies we were looking for without explaining what the product was, except to say that “we have set it up as a separately incorporated entity and it is going to disrupt one of the biggest industries in the country and provide a significant explosion in value in the process”.

Intrigued? She certainly was and evidently so was someone else, because what happened next was completely unexpected.

We got a call the next day from said recruiter and an hour later had sitting in front of us probably the brightest consultant I’ve met yet. This guy, lets call him CTO, assessed our technical assertions and pointed directly at the fulcrum and made us see that we were just about to walk down the path to problems. The interesting thing is that he didn’t even know, ask or care what the product that we were building was. He didn’t want any work from us – he was curious. He came to find out why two highly experienced developers were looking to invest in an entirely different technical stack to that which they had experience with. He was asking a very poignant question.

In the end we didn’t talk about our idea. We didn’t need to. The point is that we talked and we will continue to need to talk more and more to lots of different people who incidentally, aren’t; interested in our vision or a threat to our success. To the contrary, we have found that whenever we talk about what we are doing, the people we are talking to genuinely have something valuable to contribute to our mental picture of how we are going to execute.

It seems that as long as you aren’t kidding yourself or anyone else, the universe is out to help you. Just make sure you are executing on a path you know how to walk!

~ Hamish Crittenden // Melbourne Made


Learning Tea Break ~ The Art of Coffee Making ~

Next up we have Daniel Cardamone of Autosystems sharing his knowledge of and passion for coffee making!

Daniel’s family has been in the restaurant business for years and, as a chip off the old block, will help us understand and perfect the art of coffee making over afternoon tea.


When? At 3 pm on 30 August.

Say goodbye to burnt coffee!

Book here.

Analogue Sunday

Take a day off…





Home Sweet Theater‘s The (Digital Anniversary) will take place at the Electron Workshop during the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival. The play is a modern take on Anton Chekhov’s The Anniversary,  having adapted this Russian classic to the modern day workplace of the Electron Workshop.


‘In a Melbourne office everything is almost ready for the arrival of the company directors to celebrate the anniversary of the company. It’s a crucial time for the reputation and future of the company.

A cast of eccentric, vulgar and senseless characters alter the circumstances for all.’

Company Irene del Pilar

Oct 5 & 6. Book here.